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In Class Actions, class members are informed about their rights through court-approved notices. If the court certifies the Class Action, the Court, with the parties' input, will determine the appropriate method for notifying potential class members that the Class Action has been certified. Sometimes, notices are mailed to each potential class member because their identities are known.  This is commonly the case in employment class actions.  In other cases, notices are posted in newspapers, displayed on the internet, or posted at locations where class members might be found. The type of notice used is governed by the circumstances of the case and various legal requirements.  The notice process is handled by the attorneys and any vendors, like bulk mailing service companies.  The process is supervised by the court.

The law governing class actions is complex. This summary is not comprehensive.  Instead, it provides a basic overview of class actions.  This summary is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please read our disclaimer for additional important information about this web site.

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